Course Registration

A Course Registration represents a Learner’s registration in a Course. A Learner can only have one active registration per course at a time. Course Registrations should not be created manually. Instead, they are created automatically when Learners are registered to a Course using Course Access.

The following columns are available on Course Registration:

CourseA reference to the course
RequiredYes or No, whether or not the Learner will be required by your organization to take the course. This is not enforced by the ecLearn system.
Registration DateThe date the Learner was registered in the Course
LearnerThe Learner for the course
Internal LearnerA reference to the Learner’s User record (if applicable)
External LearnerA reference to the Learner’s Contact record (if applicable)
Current Course AttemptA reference to the Learner’s most recent Course Attempt
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