Pave Your Road
to eLearning Success!

Dataverse at the Core

The ecLearn LMS is built on top of Dataverse, offering unparalleled advantages for integrating your learning data with the rest of the business data stored in Dataverse. No need to worry about complicated and brittle synchronizations that will keep you up at night. Instead, your training data resides in a secure, reliable, and scalable solution designed specifically for business-critical information. One less silo!

Built into Power Platform

Experience the ultimate synergy of technology and education with our all-in-one solution, seamlessly leveraging your existing investment into the Power Platform and Business Applications suite. Customize your training solution to meet your needs using skills you already have:

  • Use Power BI to create your own tailored reports.
  • Use Power Automate to create custom notifications.
  • Use Copilot to respond to learner’s queries.
  • Leverage the power of AI.

Trusted Microsoft Ecosystem

Microsoft is a trusted leader in cloud applications, including Microsoft/Office 365, Power Platform, Business Applications, Azure and so much more! ecLearn allows you to take advantage of that ecosystem to enhance the eLearning experience for your learners and administrators.

Familiar Interface

There is no need for your learners and administrators to master a new system and user interface. ecLearn is built using Power Apps and Power Pages, enabling your audience, either internal or external, to experience the same interface they are already familiar with through the Microsoft Power Platform and Business Applications suite.