Registering Learners in Courses

To create a Course Registration for a Learner and Course, you must use the Course Access table. Course Access allows a manager to assign one or more courses to one or more learners, and to specify which courses are required or optional. You may use a single Course Access record or multiple to manage Course Registrations according to your organization’s needs.

For example, you may create one set of courses to be assigned to employees in one position within your organization and another set of courses for employees in a different position. When new employees are being onboarded, you can assign them to the appropriate Course Access record and they will be registered in the appropriate set of courses for their position.

To begin registering learners in courses, open the ecLearn app and navigate to “Course Access”, then click “New”.

Enter a name for your Course Access entry. You may also optionally enter a description describing your intention for this grouping of learners and courses.

When you are ready to begin assigning learners and courses, click Save. Four tables will then appear on the form:

  • External Learners
  • Internal Learners
  • Required Courses
  • Optional Courses

Adding Learners

There are two types of learners, Internal and External. Internal Learners are Users in your Dataverse environment. External Learners are Contacts that are registered to use your Power Pages website. You may add as many learners of either type as you wish.

To add a learner to either table, click “Add Existing Contact” or “Add Existing User” on the appropriate table.

Adding Courses

Courses can be either required or optional. The ecLearn application does not enforce any functionality where a user would be forced to take a required course, but the resulting Course Registration will be marked as Required or Optional which will allow you to present the courses appropriately to users and to track their progress accordingly. You may add as many courses of either type as you wish.

To add a course to either table, click “Add Existing Course” on the appropriate table.

Whenever a new course or learner is added to the Course Access record, registrations will be updated appropriately. The process is designed to operate on a brief delay to allow multiple courses or learners to be added and processed in batches. It may take two minutes or more for the resulting Course Registration records to be created.

Removing Courses or Learners

Courses and Learners can be removed from either list at any time. Course registrations will be updated accordingly.

  • If an affected learner has already started taking an affected course, their registration will not be removed. This registration may be deactivated at a manager or adminstrator’s discretion.
  • If an affected learner has not started taking an affected course, their registration will be deleted. This cannot be undone, but the learner may be reregistered in the course by following the same steps above.
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