Features of the


Learning Management System

Developed by Engineered Code

Learning for Everyone

With ecLearn, you can share knowledge with everyone. Using our custom-built model-driven Power App, internal users can take their courses and review their progress. The same can be said for external contacts, where you can add ecLearn to web platforms like Power Pages.

Create Courses Your Way

ecLearn empowers you with its built-in course authoring tool. Developed to get you started on your eLearning journey quickly, it allows you to craft courses tailored to your specific content and specifications right in the ecLearn Power App. Course Authors can also configure the passing criteria for certificate issuance and define the expected course completion duration. Whether you’re an educator, trainer, or business professional, our platform provides the flexibility to design interactive lessons that includes modules, pages and quizzes.

Or, bring your own courses from a 3rd party course authoring tool. We support standard eLearning formats like SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, AICC, xAPI, and cmi5.

Control Who Sees What

ecLearn’s permission model course access managers to control exactly which learners see which courses. Courses can be assigned as required or optional. Permission groups let you manage learning paths based on departments, skillset, audience, and so much more.

Within the ecLearn Power App, every persona is equipped with dedicated security roles that can be assigned within the Power Platform Admin Center. This ensures that Administrators, Managers, Course Access Managers, Course Authors, and Learners are granted precise access to the functionalities and courses essential to their roles.

Simplified Administration

ecLearn is installed as a managed solution with Dataverse, with just a few simple steps required to get you up and running. Administrators manage the system using the ecLearn model-driven Power App, including course and permission management.

Simplified Management

ecLearn provides personalized dashboards for managers, empowering them to closely monitor the progress of their learners. The management dashboards enable them to track the completion of required and optional courses for their internal and external learners, as well as the learning history of their groups.

ecLearn provides extensive customization options for your organization’s learning path, such as configuring a Power Automate Flow to issue certificates, creating personalized Power BI reports for both learners and managers.